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Individualized Academic Support & Vocational Training

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Middle and High School

Providing individualized academic support, preparing students for a high school diploma through standard or access option.

Vocational and Life Skills Training

Hand on skills training in the classroom and community designed to prepare students for independent living.

Pre-employment & Transition Program

Preparing students for employment by providing opportunities for career exploration in the local community.

Employment Training Internship

Instruction and internships for students in their last year of high school, recently graduated, or ages 22 plus.

A Complete Learning Experience

Unicorn Village Academy

Unicorn Village Academy prepares and empowers middle and high school students, and adults ages 19 – 30 with neurodiverse conditions to work, live, and enjoy life through self-determination, self-advocacy, and independence.

Educators and related services at UVA provide a strength-based, multi-sensory,
and positive learning environment.

  • Individualized academic support
  • Hands on skills training
  • Preparation for independent living
  • Experienced faculty and teachers
  • Instruction and internships
  • Preparation for employment

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