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Course name: Painting

Course number: UVAENR

Teacher: Ms. Mari

Objective: Students will be introduced to the elements of art and the principles of design. Students will apply these elements and principles to the study of painting through hands on activities. Students will learn watercolor, acrylic and multi-media painting techniques. Students will also be provided instruction in skills such as: following directions, task completion, and attention to detail through a completely project based curriculum.

Description: Students will be introduced to color vocabulary and color theory, painting techniques and methods as well as painting styles throughout art history. Students will explore a variety of painting techniques and develop skills through hands on activities and teacher demonstration. Students will also expand their awareness, appreciation and understanding of painting by learning to discuss and write about art as well as identify paintings in terms of style.

Classroom expectations:

The teacher will provide accommodations and modification to allow all students to participate in class to their fullest ability.

Students are expected to:

1)      Respect Peers, Staff, and Yourself

2)      Respect Class Time

3)      Respect School Property

4)      Be Where You Are Supposed to Be


Based on individual student needs the student may be assessed using any combination of:

         cumulative projects

         work portfolio

         written assessment

         verbal assessment

         teacher and staff daily observation


         20% completed in-class assignments (ie. Given appropriate accommodations, was the student able to independently complete the classwork for the day)

         40% completed end of topic assessments (ie. Given appropriate accommodations and modifications the student is able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the topic based on the sunshine state standards)

         20% daily demonstration of appropriate behavior during class (ie. Given appropriate accommodations the student will demonstrate behavior that is conducive for their own learning and the learning of their peers)

         20% participation (given appropriate accommodations and modifications the student will engage in classroom activities)

Course Outline:





Color Wheel: Primary colors and Secondary colors

Color mixing


Value Scales: Monochromatic Colors/Hues

Thumbnail scales, costume design, textile design, interior decoration


Complementary Colors: Warm & Cool Colors

Sunset silhouettes


Analogous Colors/Intermediate Colors/Color Mixing to create shadow

Landscape painting, painting in nature, outdoor painting


Tints and Shades

Making light and shadow with paint (without using black), painting a candy-colored feast


Intensity and Tone

Mood paintings: Neutral, earth tone vs. fluorescent vs. black and white color motifs


Texture/Mixed Media Painting

Adding texture to paint to create intentional meaning and unique visual effects


Style in Painting: Realism and Impressionism

Copying in the style of the Masters: Monet’s Garden


Style in Painting: Cubism and Surrealism

Copying in the style of the Masters: Dali’s Dreams


Style in Painting: Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism

Copying in the style of the Masters: Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Jackson Pollock’s Action Paintings


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