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Dr. Predmore's Educational Philosophy

It is this professional's educational philosophy that students and all learners would reach their personal potential on every level of mastery, through educators and related services, providing a strength-based and positive learning environment.

This educational philosophy is based on an environment whereby competitiveness is dissolved and a higher learning is achieved through group cooperativeness.

Within this learning platform, evidenced based teaching and high impact practices impact each student to enjoy their education and acquire the desire to pursue their academic potential and goals through their identified strengths.

Goal: Student's achieve through a strength-based philosophical platform and evidenced based teaching in their preferred mode of learning.

Evidence-based teaching involves the use of evidence to:
(1) establish where students are in their learning;
(2) decide on appropriate teaching strategies and interventions; and
(3) monitor student progress and evaluate teaching effectiveness.

Teaching is about making a positive difference in the world of education, through their learners to achieve a sense of personal academic achievement impacting their sense of self-esteem and self worth. Strength based approach to teaching includes promotion of necessary life skills; whereby the encouragement through curriculum for students to be problem solvers of all kinds, gain skills to get along with and collaborate with others for a single common goal, make wise choices, set goals, and meet deadlines to promote job readiness or life skills of their choice.

The learning environment is one in which friendships and trusts are nurtured, and life long survival skills mastered. This learning environment must weigh heavily on fairness and consistent rules enabling students to feel part of the team.

Dr. Predmore's philosophy displays the teacher as a facilitator, encouraging learning to be desired by those who enter the classroom. This classroom is so inviting even the most pessimistic attitude towards learning cannot resist the temptation and hunger for the mind to learn. This is an independent-group learning environment where classmates become tutors and tutors become facilitators thus creating a mutual respect for every level of learning.

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