Letter from Dr. Predmore

Dear Students and Parents, ​

Welcome to Unicorn Village Academy. ​

As the Principal of UVA, it is my honor to continue the legacy of Dr. Herm Fishbein, offering the most impactful services for young adults and adult learners with developmental, communication, and learning disorders through education, awareness, and research, providing every opportunity to lead productive and fulfilling lives. My professional educational philosophy supports this vision with students and learners reaching their personal potential on every level of mastery where educators and service providers base all instruction and supports through a strength-based and positive learning environment. I believe in creating an environment whereby competitiveness is dissolved, and a higher learning is achievable through group cooperativeness. ​

My intention as the Principal of UVA, is to provide leadership fostering purposeful planning and instruction for our learners. Upon my charge of Principal, it is my assurance the journey the learner, parent, instructors, therapists, and professionals travel is a multi-disciplinary team approach for learners to achieve a sense of personal academic achievement impacting their sense of self-esteem and self-worth. ​

I believe teaching is about making a positive difference in the world of education, through a strength-based and evidence-based approach to include the promotion of necessary life skills. UVAs curriculum nurtures students to be problem solvers of all kinds, gain skills to collaborate with others for a single common goal, make wise choices, set goals, and meet deadlines to promote job readiness or life skills of their choice. As Principal and leader of UVA, I foster a learning environment in which friendships and trusts are nurtured, and lifelong survival skills mastered. ​

Dr. Sheri Predmore​

Principal of Unicorn Village Academy