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College Campus Experiences


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Florida Atlantic University,
Boca Raton

  Keiser University,
  Fort Lauderdale

The curriculum at FAU focuses on Personal Growth and Awareness and Work Readiness.

Our ongoing goal for the year is to provide a space for students to learn important and necessary things about themselves in order to make choices in life that will be best for them in the future. The UVA transition team will equip students to make decisions about their long-term goals in life and how to achieve them.

Throughout the year, students will keep a binder, filled with important information about themselves; including their interests, personality type, likes and dislikes, limitations, job interests, resumes, self-assessments and more. The curriculum at FAU will properly aid students into their transition after UVA.

The focus of this college campus experience is increasing community awareness through community-based instruction (CBI).  

The purpose of CBI is to learn and practice functional life skills in the environment in which they are used, with the ultimate goal of gaining maximum independence. This includes skills such as pedestrian safety, reading signs or maps, using money, asking for help, etc. CBI provides opportunities for social and interpersonal communication with a variety of community members. There are units related to health care, animal care, transportation, public safety, recreation and leisure, and many more. Students will use folders to keep materials and assessment forms organized and available for use during classroom discussions and community visits.



Transition into Adulthood After School Program

One day a week, in our after school enrichment program, transitional students will have the opportunity to further expand and practice their soft skills, social communication skills, community-based knowledge and self-regulation skills through a uniquely designed program geared towards students’ interests, abilities and identified areas needing improvement. While engaging in an array of interpersonal activities we will be working on targeted skills to be successful in the community and after UVA. Our club is meant to bring students together by common interests and stages in their lives, while learning about many different skills important for their success now and in the future.


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