A Complete Learning Experience 2


Course name: Introduction to Music Performance

Course number: 1300350

Teacher: Daniel Suarez

Objective: To learn piano, string, woodwind, brass, percussion, and world instruments as well as the human voice.  Students will learn fundamental playing techniques, including hand positions, posture, fingering systems and characteristic embouchure, breathing and tone production where applicable.  

Description: In this course students will explore the fundamentals of music. Students will develop foundational music techniques, music literacy, listening skills and aesthetic awareness.  Students will also explore the role that each instrumental family played in history and culture.

They will also be exposed to music composing software and techniques.

Classroom expectations:

The teacher will provide accommodations and modification to allow all students to participate in class to their fullest ability.

Students are expected to:

1)      Respect Peers, Staff, and Yourself

2)      Respect Class Time

3)      Respect School Property

4)      Be Where You Are Supposed to Be


Based on individual student needs the student may be assessed using any combination of:

         cumulative projects

         work portfolio

         written assessment

         verbal assessment

         teacher and staff daily observation


         20% completed in-class assignments (ie. Given appropriate accommodations, was the student able to independently complete the assigned task for the day)

         40% daily demonstration of appropriate behavior during class (ie. Given appropriate accommodations the student will demonstrate behavior that is conducive for their own learning and the learning of their peers)

         40% participation (given appropriate accommodations and modifications the student will engage in classroom activities)

Daily Classroom Routine:

A. Enter class and take a seat

B. Review weekly vocabulary

C. Perform warm up exercise

D. Engage in Practice of song or Music topic


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